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cane bayou

Looking for untouched natural beauty? Cane Bayou is one of the least altered bayous in Louisiana. Beginning on the Northshore, Cane Bayou runs in between Mandeville and Lacombe, Louisiana eventually flowing into Lake Pontchartrain. Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge and Fontainebleau State Park lie to the east and west of it and provide plenty of habitats for Louisiana's diverse wildlife. Cane Bayou offers incredible sights for kayakers its entire mile and a half length. To immerse yourself in the experience of the historic Cane Bayou, reach out to Bayou Adventure for guided kayak and SUP tours today.

Both Cane Bayou and Bayou Lacombe are important parts of several scenic and historic trails and blueways along the 520 miles of the Louisiana Scenic Bayous Byway between the Pearl River and the Mississippi. The Choctaw Nature Trail is historic, scenic, and cultural.  It connects several bayous and rivers across Southeast Louisiana, as does the America's WETLAND Birding Trail. 

Bayous Lacombe and Cane are also an integral part of the Bartram Wilderness Adventure Resource Restoration Trail and Blueway across the Northshore, which will connect to the Bartram Heritage Corridor in eight southern states. Depending upon the time of year, a trip on either of these bayous enables boaters to enjoy Nature's beautiful wild environment. Enjoy our Northshore ecological treasures of field and forest, of swamp and marsh; aquatic vistas framed by vast sky panoramas and spectacular sunsets. Marine and wildlife flourish in the warm, dark waters of these mysterious streams and on their murky shores; best seen on misty dawns, or in the soft shades of moonlight. History is entrenched in special places along their banks, revealed to the adventurous by informed guides.  From the Choctaw Indian middens to antebellum plantations and Civil War sites, to tales of ancient treasure and thrilling legends; all mingle with true stories of the missionary poet priest, Fr. Adrien Emmanuel Rouquette, Lacombe's own "home-boy saint". Experience local culture as you enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a trip on placid waterways or seek knowledge about local characters and exciting events which took place in these locations.

Content by Tom Aicklen of the Lacombe Heritage Center

  • tips

    • Bream & lake runners have been known to hang around the bridge supports

    • Stay left here

    • A few large trees have fallen in the water; a perfect hiding spot for sac-a-lait

    • Bass like to chase minnows hiding by the fallen trees

    • When the times are just right bass will school by this small cut

    • The water is a little deeper here

    • Look for the osprey nests

    • Look for the fish in the current lines when the water is moving

    • The big ones patrol the deeper water of the bends

    • Many redfish have been pulled from this spot

    • Shallow water - a good spot to pull kayak on to grass bed & take a dip

animal encounters

  • bass


  • flounder


  • crane


  • otter


  • speckled trout

    Speckled Trout

  • alligator


  • heron


  • deer


  • bream


  • egret


  • duck


  • wild hogs

    Wild Hogs

  • catfish


  • pelican


  • osprey


  • nutria


  • sac-a-lait


  • redfish


  • eagle


  • manatee


  • croaker


  • gar


  • owl


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